Day Trip from Madrid: Things to Do in Segovia

Day Trip from Madrid: Things to Do in Segovia

Segovia is one of the most popular day trips to do from Madrid and the city can be easily reached by train. Several daily high-speed train services (AVE) connect Segovia with Madrid Chamartín Station and the trip takes approximately 30 minutes.

The charming town of Segovia in the heart of Spain is famous for its ancient Roman Aqueduct and a castle that inspired Disney to create its Cinderella Castle.


Alcazar de SegoviaThe beautiful Alcázar of Segovia with its fairytale turrets is one of the most visited castles in Spain. The castle was originally built as a fortress and later used as a royal palace, a military academy, and even a prison.

Alcázar is an Arabic word for a royal residence and the castle was a favorite residence of Castilian monarchs throughout the medieval period. It was also here that Queen Isabella promised Christopher Columbus the financial support he needed to fund his mission that ultimately led to the discovery of America.

The interior of the castle is as impressive with many works of art representing Spanish kings and queens. The Throne Room features two thrones used by Alfonso XIII and the spectacular Kings Chamber stands out with its extraordinary coffered ceiling.

Alcazar de Segovia

The Cathedral of Segovia

The massive Cathedral of Segovia was built between the 16th and 17th centuries and is considered to be the last Gothic structure to be built in Spain. The cathedral’s museum has an exquisite collection of sculptures, paintings, tapestries, and rare manuscripts.

The Cathedral of Segovia


The aqueduct of Segovia

The aqueduct was built about 2,000 years ago by Roman civil engineers to bring water from the Frio river to the city and it functioned for many centuries even after the fall of the Roman Empire. What's fascinating is that the two story arcades were made with solid blocks of stone with little or no mortar.


Mesón de Cándido is a great restaurant to enjoy Castilian and traditional cuisine, taking in the views of the Roman Aqueduct through its latticed windows.

The 19th-century mesón (inn) is famous for its suckling pig roasted for two hours over oak coals. It is crisp outside and melt-in-your-mouth juicy inside but definitely not for the squeamish!





The train to Segovia leaves from Madrid Chamartín station. Tickets can be bought either in advance online (select Segovia AV station) or at the ticket office in Chamartín Station. It is a 30-minute ride.

The high-speed train stops at the Segovia-Guiomar station which is located about 8 kms away from the city centre. Taxis are available at the station as well as buses to the city centre. 

Things to do in Segovia