The Incredible Edge of the World, Saudi Arabia

The Incredible Edge of the World, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's desert landscape is surprisingly diverse and you can find beautiful natural wonders throughout the kingdom. Edge of the World, two hours from Riyadh, is an awe-inspiring sight that offers dizzying views from the 300-meter-high rock formation to the endless valley below. The untouched natural beauty of this site is amazing. There are no signs, no railings, you just walk to the cliff and admire the vast view below.

These limestone rocks formed millions of years ago as a result of the movement of the Arabian plate. Part of the Arabian Peninsula was a shallow tropical sea during the Jurassic period, about 150 million years ago, and fossils of corals can still be found today.

Edge of the World Saudi Arabia
Edge of the World Saudi Arabia

The rocks are about 300 meters high and to get to the top, one needs to climb up and down across the different peaks covered in loose gravel and some soft sand. There are no railings to hold on to but the paths are wide enough to make you feel safe.

The Edge of the World is a popular destination among locals and expats alike. Some go there to enjoy a picnic, parking their cars dangerously close to the edge, some go to quietly meditate on top of the cliffs, some fly their drones for aerial photography.

- TIPS for visiting the edge of the world -

• Edge of the World is located about 100 kilometers from Riyadh center and it takes roughly two hours to get there, half of it driving in the desert. A 4x4 vehicle is a must as there is no paved road and there are a few spots where you have to drive through steep river beds.

• There are no signs to help you navigate in the desert and the best is to go with a tour guide who knows the different routes. If you want to enjoy the sunset, then you will be driving back in the dark - do not go on your own if you don't know the route.

• Don't bring small children!

• Wear hiking boots to make sure you do not slip on the loose rocks.

• Ladies do not need to wear an abaya.

• Bring some food. It is a great place to have a picnic.


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