Mauritius: Top 10 Things To Do on This Paradise Island

Mauritius: Top 10 Things To Do on This Paradise Island

The beauty of Mauritius lies with its magnificent beaches of fine white sand and turquoise waters, rolling fields of sugarcane and emerald-green tropical forests. But Mauritius is not just a sun-kissed Indian Ocean beach island. It is a fascinating cultural melting-pot of islanders whose roots reach back in history to England and France, East Africa, China and South Asia. Here are ten things to do on this vibrant emerald and turquoise paradise island, Mauritius.


Mauritius is truly a beach lovers paradise with its powdery white sandy beaches, warm azure turquoise waters and glorious weather. Dip your toes in the water or spend a lazy day on the beach.


The warm, turquoise waters around the shores of Mauritius play host to a multitude of activities and the choices are plentiful from kayaking and water skiing to snorkeling, undersea walking and scuba diving.

Dive into the cool blue waters while you explore the beautiful coral reefs and rich diverse marine life, or go kayaking and explore the mysterious islands and caves - there is something for everyone.

Three: Rent a Car or Hire a Chauffeured Limo to Drive Around the Island

Besides the picture-perfect white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Mauritius has plentiful historic sites and attractions to lure visitors away from their beach chairs.

Alongside its waterfalls, volcanic lakes and gorgeous coastal scenery, Mauritius boasts wonderful coastal fishing communities, old plantation houses, French colonial mansions, churches, mosques, temples, and Chinese pagodas.

Four: ENJOY THE Intriguing Colors of Chamarel

A prominent tourist attraction and a fascinating geological formation, the Seven-Coloured Earth, or Terres des Sept Couleurs, is a display of rolling sand dunes of seven distinct colors - red, purple, violet, green, blue, brown and yellow. Enjoy some magnificent vistas of these colorful dunes that are said to have been created by volcanic rocks that formed during different cooling stages.

Five: Visit the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden

Established in 1735, the botanic garden in Pamplemousses is well-known around the world, especially for its giant Amazon water lilies. Walk along the shady palm-lined avenues, enjoy colorful Mascarene island flora, bountiful birdlife, and even giant tortoises.

Six: Get an Insight Into the Sugar Industry

Mauritius produces 600,000 tons of sugar annually and the industry has had an enormous impact on the economy of Mauritius. Visit the L´Aventure du Sucre to learn about the history and sample the many different varieties of unrefined sugar.

The museum's restaurant Le Fangourin, is a perfect sport for a post-tour lunch with seating under a flamboyant tree and a gorgeous view over the mountains.


Seven: Experience the Culture and Ambiance of Port Louis

The capital of Mauritius, one of the oldest settlements on the island, is an intriguing mix of old and new, east and west, and a beautiful balance of Franco-British colonialism and Oriental influences of China and India.

One of the best places to experience this thrilling mix is the market with its stalls piled high with exotic fruits, chicken tikka, bejeweled turbans, and herbs for curing various ailments.

 Eight: Take a Luxury Catamaran Cruise

Discover the beauty of Mauritius by cruising through the crystal clear waters with breathtaking scenery of the white sandy beaches while soaking up the sun with a cold drink in your hand.

Most cruises include a snorkel stop and a delicious barbecue lunch on the beach or on board the catamaran.

Nine: SEE THE MAKING OF Ship Models - the Pride of Mauritian Artisanal Production

Beyond its heavenly beaches, luxury hotels and turquoise lagoons, Mauritius hides many other marvels, including the art of ship model production. These small ships are reproductions of the great sailing ships of history and the plant offers guided visit to the factory to see the artisans at work.

TEN: ENJOY A  Sundowner - Sunset and Cocktails

Like the Spanish siesta or the English five o'clock tea, sundowner is a time for quiet relaxation and enjoying a sunset and a drink. Traditionally, the drink is a rum-based cocktail and Mauritius produces some exceptional rums.